Gundam Wing AMV- Silver Rain

•November 11, 2007 • Leave a Comment

wooooo I finally finished my first video using Ulead Video Studio instead of Windows Movie Maker… I’m not entirely pleased with it… I’m not sure the song worked as well as I’d of hoped but of well… it was mainly for practice anyway.

I guess I am proud how it turned out.


I forgot… kinda

•October 16, 2007 • Leave a Comment

So i’ve not been on my computer at home for god knows how long and college has been kinda hectic…Oh and i’ve been thinking what i’m gonna actually put in this blog…. answer…. EVERYTHING! Anything i add onto the net in any random place i will log it here…. I guess the next post is gonna be a while then sine i’m currently making an AMV for Gundam Wing… more Duo and Heero from Gundam Wing.  Yaoi of course… lol. The song is gonna be ‘Untill The Day I Die’ by ‘Story of the Year’. It’s such a good song.. I’m totally addicted to it.

woooo yet another new blog

•September 25, 2007 • Leave a Comment

…. lets hope i actually keep uptodate with this one… and not forget about it.

 Yeah so i’m here on a college break bored out of my mind and waiting for class to start up agian… I’m having to use someone elses computer to get on the net becuase of the stupid macs we have in our room…. there’s nothing good about them that PC’s can’t do….. I can even have my own wallpapers since there is only 1 ‘student account’ that all students use…. and i’m not sure other people have the same intrest in Shounen-ai that i do…. most would probably be disturbed by it. Oh well… each to their own.